SPECTRAL QUEST is the first documentary TV series produced by Zemezyz Productions

Zemezyz is a new production company located in northern California, focused on producing quality
films with new fresh outlook on subjects that are on the interest of the public.

Zemezyz productions has an amazing team that collaborated with the first TV series called
Spectral Quest, this is a paranormal documentaries focus on honest journalism, all the evidence
that have been collected during filming of this series were not tampered with. In these series
we traveled to several location in northern California to investigate places that were experiencing
paranormal events, these locations varied from businesses to residential houses.

We helped people cleansing their houses when spirits were making their homes unbearable to live,
scaring their kids and creating a hostile environment. And on the business we did investigations
to contact the entities that were hunting the buildings.  

Spectral Quest is on a journey to find answers to many questions that current paranormal shows have
failed to delivery. answered. We are exploring many avenues that people can use to communicate with
their loved ones, and also we want to help people that want to in tune themselves to establish a
connection with other dimensions.

Spectral Quest will travel around the world to find paranormal activities to get to the bottom
of the stories. we have successfully gotten true answers to the people that were experiencing
paranormal encounters at work and at home, so our confidence is super high that we can help
pretty much everyone that is having paranormal issues.

The first season has been completed it contains 10 episodes of 30 minutes each and team is getting
ready to start the second season, we are planning on going to exotic places where the myths and
legends are going hand to hand. so...... stay tune.

Zemezyz Productions is working on other projects at the same time, a cooking show that will satisfied any
palate, presenting the food in a very artistic way that will open any appetite, eating healthy 
is also one of the components of this great production.

Another great production is a sex show that will explore many taboo of relationships that have
been underground due to the lack of information out in the world to educate the public and open
minds to new possibilities in how humans are interacting and living behind doors in this new world.

We will talk with a sex therapist that will help us to understand why the human mind is looking for
new frontier and expand their sexual desires to satisfied their bodies and minds, Also how
new poly amorous individuals that are always looking for the next love encounters, Triads and quads
relationships, how their dynamics plays in their daily routines... this and more subjects will be

Many other productions are taking shape too, there are going to be movies based on real events,
documentaries of life changing stories and many other films are on their way now.

Zemezyz Productions is working hard to accomplish all these projects.


EMAIL: zemezyzproductions@gmail.com


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